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If you’ve been dragging through your days lately, you might be tempted to reach for yet another cup of coffee and dismiss your fatigue as a normal consequence of being an adult in a hectic world. But constantly feeling drained can sometimes hint at an issue that goes beyond being busy or overscheduled. In a five-year study published in 2017, the majority of adult subjects experienced excessive daytime sleepiness at some point, with correlations pointing to a range of contributing factors, from mental health issues to metabolic disorders.

Feeling tired all the time isn’t a given. In many cases, pinpointing underlying causes of fatigue can help people reclaim their energy—and markedly improve their wellbeing, says Dr. Savita Ginde, MD, chief healthcare officer at Stride Community Health Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Read on for some of the most common causes of tiredness, along with expert advice on how to manage them.

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