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At a Diabetes UK conference of doctors and scientists recently, they reported on how scientists have shown that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a Very Low Calorie Diet like LighterLife.

We have had a number of type 2 diabetic clients over the years, and here is a typical story from one of our many Type 2 diabetic clients in her own words.

“In 2004 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I spent 15 years trying to lose weight on various food diets.  At a routine check-up my GP said that my diabetes was getting worse and that I should change my medication and go onto insulin. I told her I would give LighterLife a go first. I had seen Mike on ITV’s This Time Next Year reverse his type 2 diabetes using LighterLife Total, if he could do it so could I.”

I was surprised and delighted how straightforward it was to follow, and the fast weight loss kept me motivated. It’s amazing how good you can feel when you’re shedding the excess weight.”

“In November 2019 I went back to my doctor for a comprehensive blood test to see what impact losing the weight was having to my levels, I had reversed my type 2 diabetes!

I cried (I’m not sure if it was relief or joy) when I got this life changing news – I’d done what I set out to do.

LighterLife has completely changed my world.  I am off all medication, I live a healthier and more active life, because I can – and I’m following the Management programme so I know I won’t go back.

If anyone out there is faced with the challenges of type 2 diabetes, I couldn’t recommend LighterLife enough.”

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