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Butter Milk Pan Cotta

Serves 6

You will need:

  • 1 tbsp cold water
  • 1.5 tsp powdered gelatin
  • 300ml cream
  • 420ml Low fat yogurt or buttermilk any flavoring medium such as 1 vanilla pod
  • 2 tbsp organic dried lavender, bay leaf, rosemary etc
  • 2tbs of Sweetener


Put the water and gelatin in a bowl. Let this soften for 5 min’s.

Meanwhile, over a medium heat, warm the cream and sweetener along with flavouring, stir until the sweetnener dissolves. Turn off the heat and add the gelatin. Stir until it dissolves, then whisk in the yogurt.

Strain the mixture through a sieve into a measuring cup, pour into ramekins. Chill until firm.

Serve in small portions with loads of wonderful seasonal fruit.


 link source - TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan - Meals READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

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