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No matter what anyone says, we are all striving for gainz. So here’s a list of my top 8 foods to help you gain muscle mass:

1. Beef – when it comes to mass building, there is nothing that comes close to beef. It’s the most valuable food for muscle building since it is packed with high quality protein, naturally occurring creatine, zinc, iron and numerous other microelements that boost muscle growth.

2. Chicken and Turkey – packed with over 20 grams of quality protein per 100 grams of meat, chicken is the most recognized protein source for bodybuilders. It is cheap and easy to cook. Turkey is packed with even more protein and is a very good choice for people, who are fed up with eating chicken every day.

3. Eggs – A staple in bodybuilding diets and a must-have breakfast component. With over 6 grams of protein per

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