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Just a small amount of daily activity can make every movement you make seem easier. “Every biological function is supported by physical strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance,” says Galina Denzel, a personal trainer and co-author of Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well. The good news, she adds, is that it doesn’t take long to start to see results.

Enter our 15-day movement challenge: Commit to practicing a skill daily, each day building on the previous one. By the end you’ll be stronger, move more easily, and feel fitter and more confident than when you started.

Denzel helped us design this challenge so that at the end of the 15 days you’ll be able to meet these goals:

Strength goal: Do 10 Push-Ups
The push-up is a classic exercise that is a great way to work your upper body, core, and even your legs. You don’t have to get to a full push-up

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