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At last summer seems to have arrived and with the warmer weather comes summer eating. I have always been an avocado lover, in fact my go-to quick and easy meal is ‘avo on toast’.

Whilst avocados are brimming with goodness and are a rich source of vitamins, potassium and folate, they are also high in fat – albeit the right sort of fat – but nevertheless, any food that is high in fat, is also high in calories. That doesn’t mean we should avoid eating avocados all together, but it does mean that we need to be mindful about how much avocado we eat! 

Avocados have taken the world by storm.  No matter where you brunch, avocado owns the menu, whatever the time or place, there’s always an occasion for the almighty avocado!

The sales of the UK’s favourite superfood have grown phenomenally, with more than a 180% increase since 2013.

 link source - Jane Plan - Diet Tips READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

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