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Throwing punches is a great way to shape your shoulders and build back strength, says Elanit Friedman, Senior Director of Fitness for Beachbody.

Bonus: Unlike most upper body workouts at home, shadowboxing requires absolutely zero equipment.

A boxer for more than two decades, she helped Super Trainer Joel Freeman create the 10 Rounds boxing workout program that builds the entire body — and the upper body is no exception.

“Each boxing workout, you’ll consistently throw combinations for three-minute rounds,” Friedman explains. “Each strike targets the chest, triceps, shoulders and serratus anterior, which spans under the upper arm and is often called the ‘boxer muscle.’ The longer you keep going, the more you develop upper-body endurance.”

The 6 Upper-Body Shadowboxing Moves You Need to Know

Ever tried shadowboxing? Here are six best upper body exercises you can add to your routine, straight from 10 Rounds.

Try performing each one on its

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