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Squats work the biggest muscle in your body, which results in a killer calorie burn. “Everyone is crazy about squats because this is the best bang for your buck exercise—the move blasts your butt, legs, and core,” says exercise physiologist Tony Maloney, fitness center manager at National Institute for Fitness and Sport, in Indianapolis. “Since it’s a movement pattern we use in so many aspects in our daily lives, its benefit goes beyond a fitness boost—your day will feel easier as you get stronger.”

This makes it a great exercise to focus on when looking to make the lower body stronger. That is why this strength challenge is a great way to get moving. 

How the squat challenge works

For this 5-week squat challenge, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done a squat, or have done them only once or twice. This 35-day plan will ease you in so you’re

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