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This is a winner of a recipe that was in the 3rd High Protein Handbook which has been modified to be done in the slow cooker.

We’re huge fans of our slow cookers here at FFF. They’re easy to use, they’re economical and they’re ace for cooking food in bulk. The original recipe for Asian Pork Casserole is in the 3rd High Protein Handbook. It’s not one of the most cooked recipes but it’s delicious and should get more acclaim, that’s why we’ve done a slow cooker modification for you. It’s very easy to make and it’s got a delicious rich, spicy flavour.

Anyway, as anyone who owns a slow cooker knows – you need to tweak regular casserole and stew recipes for slow cooking unless you want to end up with a large bowl of soup. Here’s the modified recipe so that it works perfectly

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