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In earlier guides, we discussed how it doesn’t seem likely that saturated fat is to blame for heart disease, and the Cholesterol Hypothesis leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

We also discussed that a much more plausible theory is the Blood Clotting Hypothesis. This theory suggests that heart disease develops by the process of an increased rate of endothelium damage alongside blood clotting over many years.

Every person is unique and, as this guide will demonstrate, there’s no single cause of heart disease. However, there are many factors that might accelerate or slow down this process.

By the Blood Clotting Hypothesis, the main goal when trying to prevent heart disease is to protect the endothelium layer and/or reduce the rate of blood clots.

This guide will explore some of the factors thought to affect heart disease to see if they fit in with the Blood Clotting Hypothesis. We will then suggest some practical tips

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