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If you’re like pretty much every adult, you’re stressed out about something right this second. Whether it’s current events or family drama, life is rich with interference when it comes to inner calm. For many of us, that tension translates to food cravings. 

The good news: Stress-eating doesn’t have to undermine your wellness goals. Once you decode your stress-eating patterns, you can plan a response that works for you personally. Chocolate included! Here’s how:

Check in with your needs

When food cravings feel out of control—a stressful experience unto itself—do a quick rundown of possible reasons for those cravings. Has a hectic schedule kept you from eating regular meals all week? Might poor sleep be messing with your appetite? This will help empower you to brainstorm workable solutions—say, avoiding stressful news programs before bed, or setting an alert on your phone to break for a proper lunch every day.


 link source - WeightWatchers - Health & Wealth READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

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