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Sleep and insomnia specialist Kathryn Pinkham shares her top sleeping tips for new parents.

By sleep and insomnia specialist Kathryn Pinkham

For anyone that has been a new parent with a new-born baby we all know that sleep becomes one of the most important thing in our lives – the Holy Grail.

We think about it constantly, talk about it to anyone who will listen and often end up worrying over sleep loss. Common thoughts include not being able to cope if I don’t sleep, I should be sleeping when the baby sleeps, I’m not enjoying it as much as I would do if I were well rested, I’m too tired to do any housework/see friends/do the shopping, what if I make a mistake as I’m too tired.

EVERYTHING seems harder when you’re not sleeping.

Your baby will keep you awake, that’s what babies do (and that’s a

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