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If the media is to be believed, for most of us, the weeks of living in Lockdown have taken their toll, with many of us turning to food for comfort. To find out if this is really true, we’ve commissioned some research and asked thousands of people all over the country about their eating habits.

And our very own Dr. Sarah Jarvis has been on BBC radio, talking to 3 million listeners about our research and how to eat healthily in the ‘new’ normal. 

Here’s what we found out…...

Almost half of us have put on weight in Lockdown, and 78% of us say we have eaten more than usual! From late night snacking, to nibbling throughout the day, it would seem we are really struggling to control our eating habits. It’s been really tough – our routines are out of the window, gyms are closed and socialising a distant memory, so it’s not surprising we have adopted the

 link source - Jane Plan - Diet Tips READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

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