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My Lockdown self-care has been fairly limited when it comes to hair and skin – I haven’t even bought a new moisturizer since March, so like everyone else, I can’t wait for the hairdressers to open next week!

It’s funny how little things, like a trip to the hairdressers, can make us feel more confident, more positive and it can even make us feel younger.But staying young isn’t just about hair and skin care – it’s about what we eat, how we sleep, taking exercise and our mental health.

So here are four proven rules, which will help us all stay young.

Limit your calories – Studies show that eating a low-calorie diet can make you age more slowly, and help you live longer.
Focus on sleep quality –  Fragmented sleep is associated with heart disease, inflammation and mental health issues – so getting a good night’s sleep has a positive effect on our physical and mental health.
 Walk every day – Walking at least

 link source - Jane Plan - Diet Tips READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

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