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Hunger and exercise can oftentimes get too chummy, #amiright? You start a new fitness class, or training for a 5K, or lifting weights and you suddenly feel like eating everything in sight. Not exactly welcome when you’re trying to lose weight. 

Can exercise make you hungry, or is it all in your head? 

The Hunger-Exercise Connection

First, there is truth to the mind-belly connection: After exercising your body may urge you to make up any calorie-burn deficit with food simply because you burn energy during activity. And if you’ve done strength-training, that may increase your cravings even more because it burns more calories. So, unless muscle is fed the right fuel, it could increase your appetite on its own.

But don’t fear the fork—having enough energy is important for our bodies: “The fact is that if we measure basal metabolic rate the rate of energy expenditure, or calorie burn, at rest,

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