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Sit Up Ab Workouts are an excellent ways to build a strong and functional core for CrossFit and life. Add the following workouts into your training

Sit Up Ab Workouts


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Powerful core strength will benefit all your functional movements, help prevent injury and improve your lifts and performances. If you neglect your core, you will create huge weaknesses for yourself, and become more susceptible to injury and poor movement patterns.


The core is the group of interlinked muscles that make up the trunk of your body and keep your spine in place. These deeper Muscles include your transverse abdominals, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor and internal abdominal obliques.

medical diagram of core strength muscles

The core muscles


Put simply, your core is the base for almost all the functional movements you will ever perform. It allows you to:

  • Stabilise movement
  • Transfer and control force throughout your body
  • Protect your spine
  • Support your other limbs

The collection of muscles that make up this trunk of your body help to control and transform the force that you create into the movements you want to perform. From throwing a stone into a lake, picking up vegetables from the bottom of the fridge, or hitting a new Deadlift PR, core stability and strength is vital for enabling you to complete a huge array of activities.


Crossfit games athlete Josh Bridges trains core strength with lunges

Your core is vital for supporting all your movements

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Your core provides functional movement across all three planes of motion:

The Sagittal Plane – This divides the body into two halves and weight and movement are transferred up and down along a straight line. Think Thrusters, Squats and Cleans

The Coronal Plane – Here the plane divides the body into front and back and includes all sideways movements. Lateral lunges are a good example of this.

Transverse Plain – Movements along this plane split the body into a top and bottom half. Russian Twists are an exercise that moves along the Transverse Plain.

Your core stabilises and controls all your movement, so think now about a WOD involving heavy Squat Cleans, Handstand walks and legless rope climbs. Each of these exercises requires your core to stabilise and control your body in a different way, and will test its functional capability.

This post first appeared on Box Rox - Training. READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

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